Encarnación Moyano Morcillo

Universidad de Barcelona - Spain
Prof. Encarnación Moyano is the President of the Spanish Mass Spectrometry Society (SEEM), Ph.D. in Chemistry (1995), and Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Barcelona, Spain (1997-). She is the leader of the LC-MS and Ambient MS lab and the coordinator of the consolidated research group of “Analytical Chemistry of Contaminants”. She has authored many publications in international scientific journals, as well as many communications in international and national meetings and conferences regarding analytical chemistry, separation science, mass spectrometry, and environmental and food applications. The research activities of her group are focused in the identification, structural characterization and determination of organic contaminants for a wide variety of environmental and food problems. The great experience of her group in separation science, ionization techniques and mass analysers (low and high resolution) has resulted in the development of numerous fast, sensitive and selective methods to determine low molecular weight organic compounds in complex samples in the fields of environment, food and plants analysis. Recently, she has begun work on a new research line, which is focused in ambient mass spectrometry techniques. Until now, DESI-HRMS methods developed dealt with the analysis of cross-contamination in feed and to metabolic profiling of wine, plants, red-fruits, etc. for their characterization, authentication and fraud detection.