Francisco Fernandez-Lima

Florida International University - USA
Dr. Francisco Fernandez-Lima is an Assistant Professor (2012-present) in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida International University. He received a BS (2001) and MS (2003) in Nuclear Physics at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Technology (Havana, Cuba) and a PhD (2006) in Applied Physics at PUC-Rio (Brazil) under the guidance of Dr. Enio F. da Silveira. He performed post-doctoral studies (2007-2012) at Texas A&M University under the supervision of Dr. David H. Russell and Dr. Emile A. Schweikert. He is the recipient of a K99 (2010-2012) and R00 (2012-2016) Pathway to Independence Award by the National Institute of Health and a Bruker Daltonics Inc. Research Fellow (2012-2018). His research focuses on the development of structural biology tools using HDX-TIMS-MS and molecular dynamics, gas-phase post-ionization separations (TIMS-FT-ICR MS/MS and TIMS-q-TOF MS/MS), petroleomics and the analysis of fossil fuel intermediates during environmental transformation, and native mass spectrometry imaging (3D-MSI-TOF-SIMS). He has published over 70 research papers and supervised over twenty undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral fellows. Homepage: