Roman Zubarev

Karolinska Institutet - Sweden
Roman Zubarev was trained (M.Sc.) in Engineering Physics at the Moscow Institute for Engineering Physics, USSR, and received PhD in Ion Physics from the Uppsala University, Sweden, in 1997. After postdoc training with Fred W. McLafferty in the Cornell University, USA, he became associate professor of biological mass spectrometry at the Chemistry Department in Odense, Denmark. In 2002 Dr. Zubarev came back to Uppsala as professor of proteomics. In 2009 he has moved to Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, taking a professorship in medicinal proteomics. Dr. Zubarev has pioneered electron capture dissociation and related fragmentation techniques, and he has formulated and verified the Isotopic resonance hypothesis. For his contribution to mass spectrometry he has been awarded by the Carl Brunnee award (IMSC, 2006), Biemann medal (ASMS, 2007) and a Gold medal (Russian MS Society, 2013). Dr. Zubarev has published more than 230 peer-reviewed papers, and has several patents.