Marcos N. Eberlin

University of Campinas - UNICAMP Brazil
Prof. Eberlin is currently the Executive President of BrMASS. He is also the founder of the Thomson Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at the University of Campinas and a leader in the development of MS techniques and applications. He is widely known for his intense and multidisciplinary MS research working in nearly all MS areas. He has published close to 800 scientific manuscripts and supervised ca. 200 graduate students and pos-docs, Many of his students have established new MS research labs in Brasil and worldwide. He relies solely on MS to untangle the complexities of his most challenging projects. He currently supervises a group of ca. 50 students and collaborators and is an associated editor of the Journal of Mass Spectrometry - JMS Wiley . He has also continously participated in IMSF committees, served as IMSF president from 2010-2014 and is currently past IMSF president. As IMSF president he launched several new programs such as the Internacional MS Schools (IMSS- The 1st in Siena Italy and the 2nd in Natal Brazil) and motivated the hosting of the first IMSC outside Europe (Kyoto 2012 and Toronto 2016). He is also the president of the organizing committee of the 6th BrMASS - 1st IbMASS.